Sharper Web Based Club Management
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Sharper Web Based Club Management
Spa Bookings

BrightLime Spa provides a single core solution for managing staff rota's, treatments and the resources

Spa Staff Management

Prevent mismatched bookings with Staff Management.

Spa Bookings utilises BrightLime Staff Management to make sure only staff who are available and appropriately qualified can complete a treatment.


Spa Resourcing

Managing your tangible resources isn't always easy. Whether you only have one set of hot stones or specific treatments can only take place in specific rooms, BrightLime will prevent you over booking your resources.

Member Lookups

Whether your a health club with a combined Spa or a stand alone Spa your clients are key. Use their data to your advantage.

Prevent booking inappropriate treatments with Contra-indication lookups

Store treatment history, notes and recommendations against your clients for improved client journey's