Sharper Web Based Club Management
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Sharper Web Based Club Management
Outsourcing powered by BrightLime.

Why can't a BACS Bureau or Media Service Agency work directly from your data?

Legend Leisure Services works directly from BrightLime, boosting your resources to provide realtime updates regarding membership payments and customer communications.

Time to forget about the agony of separate databases and differing totals.

Free Pilot

Confident of providing a transparent, single solution that can save time, improve ROI and transform your customer experiences, LLS will prove it with a free of charge pilot.

Raise your expectations

Over the last 3 years Legend Leisure Services have continued to deliver an overall net collection rate in excess of 98%. In most cases this was an average uplift for customers of 3%.

KPI reporting as standard

Let LLS match your DD collection totals to account statement values and highlight retention wins and challenges.

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