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Outsourcing powered by BrightLime

We've spoken a lot about partnerships recently but why are they so important for our customers? 

It isn't uncommon to think that outsourcing your services to any third party supplier would mean your business is looked after and one less thing to worry about. But you would be wrong! It's all about choosing the right one and that's where BrightLime can come in.



Let's take a look at Legend Leisure Services, BrightLime's only recommended BACS Bureau.

In January this year a new customer signed up with BrightLime. They knew how much they collected by Direct Debits but didn't know how many rejections took place and where it could be improved.

Using Legend Leisure Services with their vast experience of successful collection methods and working with the customer they were able to increase the total amount of collectable Direct Debits by 33%. That was more than £10k per month extra from selecting the right Bureau!