Sharper Web Based Club Management
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Sharper Web Based Club Management

"We don't always have the answer ..."

Over 50,000 members join a health club through BrightLime on a monthly basis. 70% of these new members benefit from BrightLime's bank approved Online Joining platform that enables a full paperless member journey and seamless transition into a single core solution. I know that is quite a mouthful, so what?

  • No 3rd Party databases for collecting DD's
  • No time consuming DD Mandate process
  • No cupboards fill of paper application forms
  • A fantastic themed joining process that mirrors your business

However, that isn't the fascinating bit.

81% of all new members joining online still joined in-club

So what does this mean?

It could well be that our customers need to consider how they are targeting website sales through creative content, brand recognition and a good value proposition. However, when considering the numbers involved maybe its more than that!

  • Are the consumers behaviour for joining a gym being misguided through the age of "online sales"?
  • Are we forgetting about sensory marketing that is only achievable through an in-club experience?

At BrightLime we don't have all the answers. Instead we provide an online member journey that transitions location. It drives acquisition away from your health club and continues this online journey in-club with digital tour card, tablet based customer engagement and intuitive native apps.